Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I buy all my fish from a local transhipper and wholesaler and I am satisfied. Can you do any better?

A. In many cases we can do better. Many fresh water and salt water transhippers hide the actual costs by adding multiple fees and excessive freight charges, leaving the retailer scratching his head as to the actual costs.Many of our prices are lower than fresh water transhipper prices. The live arrival guarantee protects you, and we provide you with the ability to purchase only the fish you need in the quantity you need. We have a selection of fish that cannot be offered by transhippers or the national chains. Our fish are in good condition and ready for sale, so the the small cost difference more than makes up for itself. With our program, you minimize unhealthy stock, unwanted sizes and other costly surprises, which gives you a competitive edge.

Q. How do I open a new account with Southland Aquatics?

A. Simply call ... This will enable us to learn a little about your store and get the informtion we need to provide you with great fish.

Q. My livestock is what makes our store different from the chains and we need a reputable supplier. Who is Southland?

A. Southland Aquatics has been known as a national leader in rare and uncommon fresh water species since 1985. Southland also carries a complete line, including tetras, barbs, angel fish, discus, goldfish, koi and plecos and corys. We import from a solid base of exporters and wild fish gatherers around the globe to our facility near the LAX (Los Angeles) airport. In our 6,000 sq ft facility, each species is quarantined, conditioned and fed before it is released for sale. When people walk into the independent store and say, "Wow, you never see anything nice in PetSmart", we are one of the reasons.

Q. I understand you take care of DOA issues, but this is a handling and display problem. Do you handle fish any differently?


A. Your customers will be purchasing fish from your store that have been subject to the absolute minimum stress. The historical loss for Southland Aquatics is 2%, and industry best. We do this through long standing relations with reputable exporters in each global region. When fish arrive, they are treated to reduce the stress of travel and quarantined for several days by lot and species. Every fish is examined under light before it is bagged and shipped to the retailer.

Q. Is Southland Aquatics a transhipper or a wholesaler?


A. Southland Aquatics is a national wholesaler. We stock all our fish and, with the exception of feeder fish and shrimp, do not sell by the box. We sell in the quantity you need for your store. When the fish arrive, there are never hollow bellies, unwanted sizes and few unwanted surprises. When dealing with livestock, there will be some issues, but we do our best to minimize them.

Q. Do you cover DOA?


A. Of course, and we ask that any DOA claims over 10% be accompanied with a photo. We plan to work with you for a long time and we will make it right.

Q. Are there any other advantages to working with Southland Aquatics?


A. Southland Aquatics will make sure you have the option to carry fish that just cannot be found at other locations. Our fish are brighter, stronger and less stress than those found in the chains. We are small enough to cater to special requests as well, such as regional pricing issues or requests for specific species.