Terms and Conditions for Dealers

Southland Aquatics services Pet Retailers, Industry Professionals, Public Institutions and Educational Institutions. Southland Aquatics does not provide fish for the general public.

Orders are shipped Monday - Thursday. Minimum orders for FedEx deliveries are $150. Minimum orders for airport deliveries are $400. In order to help ensure that you are not charged a service fee due to a low fill rate, please inform your sales rep at the time of the order what items you would like substituted in case some items are not available when the order is being packed.

We cannot guarantee same day shipping for same day or next day arrival. We recommend placing your order one or two days before your requested shipping day.

All prices are U.S. dollars, F.O.B. Los Angeles, California. Due to the frequent fluctuation in fuel and security surcharges associated with the collection and shipping of Tropical Fish, our prices are subject to change without notice. Orders are filled to the best of our ability. We cannot anticipate precisely what items will be available for sale until just prior to screening and shipping. To better fill your order, we will substitute (up or down one size only) if the size you specified is not available. If prefer not accept size substitutions for any particular item or shipment, please notify your sales rep. Box charges $10.00. Please notify your sales rep of any strenuous weather conditions in your area.

Southland Aquatics packs all shipments for 48 hours of transit time (under non-extreme conditions). All shipments are made in good faith via the best possible carrier and routing. Should any carrier mishandling or delay occur, consignees must pick up shipments regardless of the circumstances. Refusal of a shipment for any reason voids any and all claims by both the consignee and the shipper or the carrier. Shipments must be picked up within 3 hours of arrival or when made available by the carrier. Southland Aquatics cannot guarantee delivery time or be responsible for inconveniences caused by carrier delay or mishandling. If transit time is greater than 48 hours (after the originally scheduled flight departure), or if boxes arrive damaged, the shipment must be inspected upon acceptance and any problems, damages or losses should be noted and acknowledged by an airline representative and the consignee must obtain a claim form at the time of pick-up. The inspection report, claim form, DOA list and a copy of the paid air-bill must be faxed to Southland Aquatics within 48 hours. Failure to follow any of the procedures above may void any claims to be paid by the carrier or Southland. If the above procedures are followed, Southland will issue 50% of the livestock claim on the next invoice, and the balance will be issued if and when the claim is paid in full by the airline.

Live arrival is only guaranteed on direct flights (non-transfer flights) and only for losses above 3%. Product selected in person by your company representative is not guaranteed. Southland Aquatics cannot extend its DOA credit policy to orders shipped via DHL, FedEx or other door-to-door carriers in which a service failure occurs, as these carriers do not assume liability for degradation or loss of live animals due to shipment delays, damages or lost shipments. Southland will attempt to recover freight costs for our customers in the event of service failure, but cannot guarantee DOA credits for livestock as otherwise provided per our Terms & Conditions.

DOA claims of 10% or greater must be accompanied by a photograph.

Orders are shipped Pre-paid Credit Card. Visa, Master Card, AMEX and Discover are accepted. C.O.D. MONEY ORDER is also accepted, but some restrictions may apply due to Airline Restrictions. Pre-payment with company check or wire transfer can be arranged for those who wish to avoid airline C.O.D. fees (please allow enough time for your check to clear your bank before the shipment is sent). Shipments are sent freight collect unless advanced arrangements are made and approved by Southland. For shipments where the freight is pre-paid by Southland, you will be invoiced upon Southland receiving a bill from the carrier. Any invoices that result from Southland pre-paying the freight are due immediately and will be charged to the credit card on file.

There will be a $25.00 fee charge for any returned check. A 1.5% monthly finance charge will apply on any open balances beyond terms.

Payments to:
Southland Aquatics LLC
806 W. Hyde Park Blvd
Inglewood, CA 90302
Phone: (310) 419-6558
Fax: (310) 419-7275


Fish and Plants Not Allowed By State
May 16, 2019

Southland Aquatics complies with all State and Federal import, export, and shipping regulations regarding transportation and keeping exotic fish, coral, and plant species.

The Drexler organization ensures compliance with saltwater fish and coral, but Southland Aquatics must handle its own vigilance for freshwater species. The following is, to the best of our knowledge, the list of species we do not ship by state. 

USA and California:
Wolf fish (snakeheads), freshwater stingrays, piranha, channel catfish, tilapia, walking catfish, parasitic catfish, Florida gars, newts except fire belly, regular dojo loach, all endangered species not covered by CITES certification (such as Asian Arowana), certain freshwater plants including cabomba, parrots
feather, water lettuce, duckweed.
Electric Eels, blind cave fish, florida gar
Electric eels, electric catfish, tiger fish
Nearly everything, this is a restricted State that requires management approval before shipping anything.
Electric eel
Gold dojo loach, bitterling
Electric eel, electric catfish, tiger fish, peacock bass, all Florida and South American gars and barracudas, carapo banded knifefish
Electric eel, electric catfish, arapaima, and silver and blue arowana
South Carolina:
Electric eel, blind cave fish

Texas: Arapiama, electric eel, electric catfish, South American and Florida Gars, African pike and tiger fish, South American barracuda freshwater.

Blind cave fish
Please note other states may add restrictions; this list may not be complete but is the best that we are able to compile at this time.