Shipping and Payment Terms

Minimum order size is $150 for FedEx shipments with PayPal (Domestic Only). Minimum order for airport pick-up is $400.

Fed-ex Shipments: Southland has an excellent rate with FedEx. We only charge the FedEx fee plus actual box cost.

Airport Shipments (Domestic): We will invoice the actual cost of the cargo bill, plus the cost of heat packs and boxes. Box charge is $10.00 for large boxes, $6.50 for small boxes, and $1.00 for heat packs.

All shipments COD, Prepaid, or credit card. We accept all major credit cards.

Southland Aquatics is not responsible for airline delays, mishandled shipments or cargo abuse by any carrier.

Please notify us within 24 hours of receipt of shipment of all DOA claims. Any significant claim must be accompanied by a photo. Absolutely no guarantee on live foods including feeder shrimp, goldfish, and white clouds.

All credits must be used within 30 days.